matrical spectrum and range, and C*-convex sets.

by Douglas Ronald Farenick

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Convex set line segment between x1 and x2: all points x =θx1+(1−θ)x2 with 0≤ θ ≤ 1 convex set: contains line segment between any two points in the matrical spectrum and range x1,x2 ∈ C, 0≤ θ ≤ 1 =⇒ θx1+(1−θ)x2 ∈ C examples (one convex, two nonconvex sets)File Size: KB.

A subset S of vertices of a graph G is g-convex if whenever u and v belong to S, all vertices on shortest paths between u and v also lie in g-spectrum of a graph is the set of sizes of its g-convex this paper we consider two problems — counting g-convex sets in a graph, and determining when a graph has g-convex sets of every cardinality (such graphs are said to have the Cited by: 2.

ELEA: Optimization of Communication Systems Lecture 1B: Convex Sets and Convex Functions but a wide range of applications will soon follow. Convex Set θx1 +(1− θ)x2 ∈ C Convex hull of C is the set of all convex combinations of points in C: (Xk i=1.

The convex-hull operation is needed for the set of convex sets to form a lattice, in which the "join" operation is the convex hull of the union of two convex sets.

Conv(S) ∨ Conv(T) = Conv(S ∪ T) = Conv(Conv(S) ∪ Conv(T)).The intersection of any collection of convex sets is itself convex, so the convex subsets of a (real or complex) vector space form a complete lattice.

Canad. Math. Bull. Vol (2), pp– C∗-Convexity and the Numerical Range BojanMagajna Abstract. If A is a prime C∗-algebra, a ∈ A and λ is in the numerical rangeW(a)ofa,thenforeachε>0 there exists an element h ∈ A such that h = 1and h∗(a − λ)h.

Convex Set: A convex set is defined as the region, in which any two points lies within the region, while the points on the line segment which connect these points also lies within the region.

Convex sets 2–8 norm balls and cones are convex IOE Nonlinear Programming, Fall 2. Convex sets Page 2–11 Operations that preserve convexity practical methods for establishing convexity of a set C 1. apply definition x 1,x 2 2 C, 0 1=) x 1 +(1)x File Size: KB. Given a convex subset C of ℝn, the set-valued mapping α↦α⋅C (where 0⋅C is, by convention, the recession cone of C) is increasing on ℝ+ if and only if C contains the origin, and decreasing on ℝ+ if and only if C is contained in its recession cone.

This simple fact enables us to define a binary operation which combines a concave or convex function on ℝm with a convex subset of Cited by: 5.

In this article, geodesic E-convex sets and geodesic E-convex functions on a Riemannian manifold are extended to the so-called geodesic strongly E-convex sets and geodesic strongly E-convex functions. Some properties of geodesic strongly E-convex sets are also discussed.

The results obtained in this article may inspire future research in convex analysis and related optimization by: 9. Abstract. In this paper, we introduce a new class of sets and a new class of functions called geodesic E-convex sets and geodesic E-convex functions on a Riemannian concept of E-quasiconvex functions on R n is extended to geodesic E-quasiconvex functions on R n is extended to geodesicCited by: The study of problems in quantum field theory led Bogoliubov and Vladimirov to important results in the theory of functions of many complex variables, such as the theorem of the point of a wedge, the theorem of the C-convex hull, and the theorem of finite invariance.

Faddeev has also made important findings in theoretical physics. Linear and Multilinear Algebra Volume 1, Number 2, Paul Erd\Hos and Henryk Minc Diagonals of nonegative matrices John Fogarty An algorithm for rings of invaria.

proof by contradiction, which essentially shows that, if one of the sets (say D) would intersect our proposed hyperplane, than we could nd another d 0 closer to cthan d. Figure The hyperplane xja T x= bseparates the disjoint convex sets C and Size: KB.

A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Linear and Multilinear Algebra.